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Polaris Design 365 cloud solutions will ensure you get the most out of your Office 365 subscription. A cloud based solution using Office 365 and Polaris 365 as your Cloud Service Provider CSP will allow your business a cost effective way for you to change your business practices and gain the most out of your subscription. Based In Forres, Moray. We have the ability to support you and your company anywhere in the UK and Europe in your decision to use a cloud based solution. Find out more about our services and what we offer in addition to your base subscription.

Polaris Design and Polaris 365 has a whole range of digital solutions to meet the needs of our clients. Developing your digital needs from a full content management system website in WordPress or a corporate intranet based on office 365 and SharePoint, we can assist you.

Cloud solutions such as Polaris 365 encompasses many different skills and disciplines in the production and maintenance of websites and intranets.


Microsoft Office 365 makes it easier to manage files, simplify communication and collaboration
among employees and manage meetings on the move.

Cloud solutions such as Office 365 combines popular features such as Outlook, SharePoint, Word, Excel and PowerPoint with the next generation
of productivity-based services such as Skype for Business Online to bolster collaboration and communication across your organisation.

Office 365 - wherever you are

In addition, you can create, share and edit documents on the move, as well as manage meetings and other tasks,
on any iOS, Android and Windows device.

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