WordPress Services

WordPress Services

WordPress Services

What is WordPress?

Firstly, What is wordpress? WordPress is an open source content management system, basically its a free system which makes editing your website as simple as editing a word document. without touching any code. while the major advantages for develops and designers , like Polaris Design, we will always try to use WordPress where possible dues to the simple functionality you can build into it.

Why would i want a wordpress website?

What you should be considering is…why wouldn’t you! With a wordpress website you yourself can take control of management of your website , controlling who is looking at your website through SEO plugins, Control over your own pages and posts and updating.

Clients tend to require the ability to access the back end of there site and make small adjustments from time to time, with WordPress this gives you the tools to do so, with a little on board training From ourselves, you can rest assured knowing you can control your business website for the future.

Many businesses use wordpress for their websites and you could too. Websites such as eBay, CNN, NASA, BBC,Coca-cola, Sony and Yahoo and many more including us all use WordPress websites.

Do you need your website redesigned

  • Is your website more than 5 years Old?
  • Does your website communicate well across multiple devices, computers, operating systems such as IOS/Android and browsers?
  • Have you ever surveyed your websites ease of use?
  • Are you able to update your website on demand?

Answering no to any of the above questions is not an option with Polaris Design Ltd. Our solutions aim to place your website, at the center of your digital marketing solutions.

Polaris Design has a whole range of digital solutions to meet the needs of our clients. Whether you need a full CMS E-Commerce website or simply require a company logo to better promote your business, we can assist you.

We are passionate about design, form and function, but we do not lose sight of business aims: better communication and improved customer relationships.

Any more questions then we will be more than happy to assist you , we can also send out a welcome package that includes any frequent Q&A’s that clients have asked us, moving forward we can then set up a meeting/phone call.

Why does Polaris Design use WordPress services?

Here at Polaris Design , we like to give the client ease of use and maintainability, making sure you can mange your content as simple and as quickly as possible. We have had many years of WordPress Skills that we can inject into your website. The skill set used within wordpress websites are to enable end user compatibility , a few skills below:

  • Theme Development
  • Admin/Plugin setup
  • Custom Functionality
  • SEO optimization
  • Back-end Design and editing
  • Security

Let us help you on getting you set up with the right website! contact us today!